Our Mission


Our main goal at the Manitou is preservation and conservation. Whether it be its vast amount of natural forest, its four beautiful lakes or the many different types of wildlife that call the Manitou home, it is our priority to make sure that while we enjoy everything the property has to offer, we do so in the most environmentally sustainable way possible.

Local Heritage

The Manitou Club is located in the Shrewsbury Glen, an area that is very rich in local heritage. From the earliest settlers to the current people that inhabit the area, many exciting tales exist.

It is essential for us to preserve the local heritage of the Glen by naming different parts of the property after their original owners and making sure that the lakes all have their original names. Our buildings have a rich history, the most notable being the Manitou Barn. The Barn has a wide variety of pictures, local artwork and various items left behind, which we display throughout the building.


The Manitou Club is proud to partner with The Municipality of Wentworth’s W.I.L.D program.

Designed and implemented to conserve Wentworth’s rural community, W.I.L.D’s goal is the preservation of large untouched tracts of land and protect the wildlife that calls it home. One project currently in the works is the installation of bird boxes to encourage new nesting grounds for Bluebirds and Bank Swallows.

We look forward to working together on projects such as a trail network and honey bee initiatives.

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